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2019 OUTFEST - Los Angeles LGBTQ Film Festival

I am excited to announce that the video for  #ThisLoveIsOnFire the new single off my upcoming EP from my new musical project You Can Call Me SIR will premier at the 2019 Outfest Los Angeles LGBTQ Film Festival as part of the Platinum Showcase at Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art Grand on Saturday, July 20th! 

This Love Is On Fire was directed by Cassils and features Mistress Sheree Rose. The video portrays an intergenerational power exchange steeped in female sexuality, featuring sex workers across age spectrums. With abject encounters that sizzle and smolder, This Love is on Fire traces the matriarchal lineage of female dominance in a political moment charged with suppression of women’s rights.

Special thanks to our DP Graham Kolbeins who has two additional films in the festival, Queer Japan and Paisa co-directed with Dorian Edward Wood

Love to my collaborators on this project:  Cristy Michel Mary Typhus Michael Schneider Luka Fisher Nick Tamburri

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Festival Ecos Urbanos 2018 - Mexico City

I am super thrilled about participating in this year’s Festival Ecos Urbanos Electro-Acoustic Music Festival in Mexico City! I’ll be presenting the world premier of my piece Island of the Dolls, inspired by Mexico City’s own island on Lake Xochimilco.

The concert will be held on November 15 at 7pm at Fonoteca Nacional de México in Coyoacán (Frida Kahlo’s old neighborhood!). Admission is free!

You can take a look at the full lineup of concerts and events at their website: Ecos Urbanos 2018

 Program note:

"The Island of Dolls"

Matt Petty

United States


World Premiere



The Island of the Dolls is a multimedia performance piece for processed trombone and electronics. Inspired by Don Julian Santana Barrera’s infamous visionary art site, “La Isla de las Muñecas” on Lake Xochimilco. According to legend, Don Julian began collecting dolls to appease the spirit of a young girl that he found drowned in one of the lake’s canals. Today the small island is covered with hundreds of deteriorating dolls and is rumored to be haunted by the girl’s spirit. Upon discovering this island for myself, I was struck by Don Julian’s immense and unresolved fear. Expanding on this idea, I created a cut-up poem using bits of poetry about dolls, sirens, and shipwrecks paired with video from the island. Together, this piece is meant to symbolize the ongoing humanitarian crisis facing our borders and world future.

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Alternate ROOTS Weekend: Jackson, Mississippi

This weekend I’ll be performing selections from my project Among These Ruins for a organization of artists and activists based in the south called Alternate ROOTS in Jackson, Mississippi.. Through the theme of Renewal, this conference will bring together artists, cultural workers, activists, elected officials, and community members to engage in deep dialogue, make and witness art, and learn from one another.

I’m excited to share what I’ve been working on for the past year and I feel like the audience at ROOTS Weekend in Jackson will be the perfect audience for the songs selected. Plus I’m thrilled to present for the first time in Mississippi! I look forward to seeing you there!

My presentation is scheduled for Saturday, November 10, and you can read more about the conference at their website located here: ROOTS Weekend Jackson

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Composer in Residence at Montalvo Arts Center

This fall, I'll be returning to the Bay Area to complete my fellowship as part of Sally & Don Lucas Artist Fellows Program at Montalvo Arts Center. 

This month, I'll be working on a new project with Los Angeles based bassist and audio producer Cristy Michel on some dark magic in the form of a queer punk EP of music. We've written a few songs that we plan to record and create some new work in the process.

I'll also be working on my upcoming album/song cycle, that I'm calling Sand - formerly known as Camino Real - which is a sonic dream journal through the lens of the borderlands and heartache. I've realized so much about myself while working on this project, and it has taught me the valuable lessons of time as I've watched this project morph into something entirely different from my original intentions. I'm really excited to complete the next level of this piece out west. 

My time at Montalvo has been a remarkable experience in my career as a musician-artist and composer. This residency has allowed me to work on a variety of projects and provided me with some amazing opportunities to which I'm very grateful. Many thanks and much love to all friends and supporters of my work. I'll be sharing more soon. 

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